If you are not aware by now Megan Markle has agreed to marry Prince Harry and is it too soon to say that they suit each other? Aside from this news rocking the world it was also used to help push the 3D printing industry into the limelight. The ring that was used to capture Megan’s heart is the only one of its kind since it contains two of the diamonds from Princess Dianna’s collection. Jewlr (a Canadian jewellery retailer) saw this as an opportunity to gain revenue. The retailer decided to create a replica of the ring through the use of 3D printing and it has quickly become one of their best-sellers.

The original ring was designed by Prince Harry but crafted by Cleave and Company, the band is made of a yellow gold as well as three ludicrously expensive diamonds. Not only is one of the diamonds was procured from Botswana in Africa but the other two were from Princess Diana’s (Harry’s later mother) personal collection. Michael Fried, the CEO of Diamond Pro stated that the ring was a “unique combination of bling and cultural nostalgia”. When asked how much he would value the ring, Fried replied “There is no way for anyone to put a value on the whole ring” since the diamonds that Princess Dianna wore makes the ring “priceless”.

For those who unfortunately, aren’t able to afford a ring worth over $200,000 Jewlr have the solutions. They now offer a ring called “The Duchess” which is only $99 a fraction of the real thing, crafted by using laser 3D printing and conventional jewellery manufacturing techniques to create the replica. It took hardly any time for Jewlr to come up with their mock-up of the real thing and in an instant the website page was already receiving a handful of hits. The ring itself has a silver sterling band and gives you the options to choose 3 Swarovski Zirconia gemstones from a spectrum of colours.

However, this is not the first time Jewlr have had success with making similar products worn by Megan Markle. Earlier in the year when she was spotted with “H” and “M” pendant necklaces, shortly after she was introduced as Harry’s partner which resulted in similar items being sold at a significantly quick rate. With the hype of the engagement not looking to die down any time soon, Jewlr still have plenty of opportunities to make replicas of Megan Markle’s jewellery. The success of “The Duchess” is clear, being Jewlr’s best-selling ring style and is currently outselling other items by as much as 15%.

The Duchess Ring

Tony Davis, the founder for Jewlr reiterated the fact that “Within minutes of Harry and Meghan’s photocall going live, we experienced huge influx of searches for three-stone ring. Due to our production methods, we can turn designs around extremely quickly, and once online, products can be created and shipped to customers within days.” Davis also acknowledged the fact that Megan was “one of the most influential celebrities for driving sales in the UK” and her influence not only affected women but it also resulted in male customers searching for the ring.

As of recent years, in the US, there have been a spike in the amount spent on engagement rings with the recommendation being two months salary. This has grown to approximately $6,000 and is likely to continue to rise. Davis briefly mentioned that with the introduction of this royal engagement ring it could mean a new trend for women buying “engagement styles as a fashion accessory.”