With the new school year starting in just under a month there is still time for your school to get in a few last-minute buys. In order to qualify for this list, we chose products that would keep your students engaged with their learning. However, this list is not ranked it just shows what we believe are the most effective pieces of technology in education. 

XYZ DaVinci Mini 3D Printer 

1 – XYZ Printing Da Vinci Mini

Kicking off our list is the XYZ Printing Da Vinci Mini. This is an ideal printer for novice 3Ders with the easy to use XYZware Pro which helps you create effortless prints with slicing precision and computing efficiency, it can take as little as a couple of hours until your print is ready. Not only will this provide students with a tangible aid to help them learn, it can also help familiarise them with 3D printing software.

2 – Apple iPad

With the development in technology over the past few years, tablets have the capabilities to be a smaller laptop. Apple’s untouchable iOS interface along with all of the available apps for the iPad makes it a great piece of technology for your students. There are a variety of ways to use the tablet in the classroom, whether you use the immersive notes that have been released with iOS 9 or by adding augmented reality into the classroom.



 3 – Intel NUC 

Are you looking to revamp your IT space? The Intel NUC’s size allows you to save space while still keeping its performance. Furthermore, accessories like the secure dock will help to keep the PC out  of sight but it also doubles as an anti-theft system. The various models allow you to customise the PC to specification to meet what is required. Maintaining an organised environment helps students to  stay focused and organised as well.

4 – SMART Board

Although this piece of technology has been around for a substantial amount of time its effectiveness to keep students engaged is uncanny. Being able to label, draw or annotate your work directly from the projector makes it not only easier for you to teach but also easier for students to learn.


5 – MakerBot Replicator + Desktop 3D Printer

The MakerBot Replicator Desktop is one for more advanced 3D printer users. The printer is able to print high-quality concept models faster, easier, and with a 22% bigger build volume than its predecessor. Additionally, with the introduction of MakerBot Minfill, not only will you same time on your print, you will also save money by using less filament. This printer would be ideal for a variety of university courses such as physiotherapy by printing various bones in the body or architecture, by printing models of your proposed design.


MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printer

6 – Smart Phones

As controversial as they are in schools, smart phones are great to help students to stay engaged. Along with tablets they have a variety of apps which can aid students in the classroom. An example of which is Slack which enables students and teachers to converse beyond school hours and also provide them with reminders for their class.


7 – HTC Vive

With the rise of virtual reality, it was impossible to miss a headset off the list. This headset completely immerses the student into an environment completely different to that of the classroom. History students are literally able to go back in time and experience what life was like for their ancestors. With apps like Anatomyou you will definitely be able to engage students who are learning about human anatomy.

HTC Vive Headset


8 – Video Cameras

Although they have been around for a while they are rarely used in the classroom. Whether they are used to analyse your technique in PE or to act out a scene from a Shakespeare play in English, a video camera is definitely going to engage students. The flip camera would be a great option for students as it is able to connect directly to the PC without wires and also is compact.

9 – CraftBot 2 Wifi

I know what you are thinking “another 3D printer”. We decided to choose printers at different price points. The XYZ being a cheaper printer, the MakerBot being a more expensive printer and now the CraftBot being in between. Being a plug-and-play device, you are able to begin your printing minutes after unpacking it. Additionally, with wireless connectivity you have the ability to control various settings wirelessly. Pairing this with the CraftWare which is user-friendly this could be a great addition to your classroom.

CraftBot 2 3D Printer with WiFi module

10 – Social Media

Recently, people aren’t able to get enough of social media so why not bring it to the classroom? If you have a class who you believe will be able to use the platforms without getting distracted it can be a great place to ask the teach questions. Students could tweet you questions from accounts that have been pre-made and that are anonymous to their class mates. You could also promote students to create a Whatsapp or Facebook group chats to encourage them to help each other. Not only is social media a good way to engage students with learning but it is also free!

That’s it the top ten must have for back to school. Hopefully you’ll go and invest in the technology to provide students with various ways of learning, not just reading from a text book. Have you used or trialled any of the suggested technology? Or would you add any other technology? Let us know in the comments.